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Liquefied Petroleum Gas, better known as LP Gas, consists of Butane or Propane gas which, when compressed, turns to liquid and can then easily be pumped at high pressure into a tank or cylinder. Its physical and combustion properties make it a clean fuel that burns completely and emits significantly less pollutants than petrol or diesel therefore making it a much more environmentally friendly fuel.

In liquid form the gas is only half the weight of water. LP Gas can be easily transported by ship, road tanker and in portable cylinders. There are virtually no limitations to where LP Gas can be made available. It has been used as an automotive fuel for over 70 years. In fact, according to a 1996 Marketline Report (titled: Market Developments in Global Automotive LP Gas) LP Gas has become the world's most important alternative automotive fuel, outperforming all other fuels in terms of both environmental benefits and economic value.

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LPG serves an amazingly wide variety of uses such as cooking fuel for a family in South Africa and a community kitchen in India, refrigeration for a shop owner in Brazil, autogas for taxis in Tokyo, welding for car manufacturers in Germany, heat for the family home in Canada, flame weeding for a rancher in Texas, heat to provide lift for the first solo non-stop round the world balloon expedition, hair spray for the Hollywood starlets and life saving fuel for Mt Everest climbers, emergency situations (earthquakes, flooding, post-war, humanitarian crises, etc).  LPG even powers the Olympic torch.  That’s why it is referred to as the world’s most multi-purpose energy. Highly versatile and environmentally friendly, applications of LP Gas include central heating, gas fires, cooking, water heating, patio heating and barbecuing, process heating, space heating (direct and indirect), industrial heating, grain drying, forklift trucks, autogas, metered developments and much more.
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Autogas is the abridged name for automotive LP Gas – that is, LP Gas used as an automotive transportation fuel. Autogas is today the most accepted alternative fuel in the automotive sector with more than 13 million vehicles operating worldwide. The added value of LPG as an automotive fuel is that it generates considerably fewer emissions than other fossil fuels, contributing to the protection of the environment and human health while also mitigating the threat of climate change. It's also cheaper than diesel and petrol.
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  • Clean, efficient fuel
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to install


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